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 on: June 21, 2013, 09:06:24 pm 
Started by mllegatt - Last post by mllegatt
Congrats to Flight Deck athletes for their great performance last weekend!!!
It took me awhile to get my camera settings correct, and I could only stay a few hours, but I still managed to capture some decent pictures (the full stills are much better than these GIFs):

Zach Olsem:

Tyler Tape:

Rober Messenburg:

Max Maher:

Luke Maher:

 on: June 03, 2013, 03:37:44 am 
Started by Steve - Last post by Steve

 on: May 27, 2013, 06:15:15 am 
Started by Steve - Last post by Steve
This week's meet is CANCELLED

--not because of weather...but because they are tearing out the runway and re-surfacing it


Because this was to be our last week, we are done for the summer (unusual ending)
We will be back up and vaulting indoors at The UofM (Sundays) starting in December
--look for the session information to be posted in November
Until then, take this time to develop your speed and your strength so that when you return to vaulting, you are faster and stronger than ever before

Wednesday Night Flights at Armstrong

What:Full Service Pole Vault Competitions
Where:Armstrong High School
When: Wednesdays June 12th through July 31st
--The pit opens at 3:30pm, for warm-ups
--The pit closes at 8pm, mosquito's are too thick after that
--All meets are pending the weather--A final call on bad weather will be made no later than 3pm meet day

What do you have to do?:
1) Check the weather and decide if it looks good enough to jump
2) Check this Post to make sure the meet has not been canceled--please don't call, the meet is a GO unless we post it here that it is cancelled
3) bring $15 cash (entry fee)
4) bring your own water, food, sunscreen, bug-spray, etc.
5) bring your own poles if you want

What is provided: is a full service meet
1) You may use our full line of poles
--you agree to purchase any poles you damage
2) We will have 3 paid workers running the meet, placing crossbars, and adjusting standards
3) Any crossbar breakage is also covered by the entry fee
4) We run one of two formats for meets
"Mulligan-Meet 2.0"
--the pit will open at 3:30pm for warm-ups
--initial bars start at 4:15pm for those that wish to begin--others will wait the hour for the 5:15 WU break
--5-Alive will be in effect, although multiple heights will be active at any one time
--each vaulter gets a single 4th attempt (Mulligan)
--We will have a warm-up break at 5:15pm.  Late arrivals and those who waited after the 4:15 meet beginning will have 2-min per athlete.  For example: if (5) people arrive/start late, the warm-up period will be 10min long.
--We will have a second warm-up break at 6:15pm (2min/athlete) for the very Late arrivals and those who have not yet touched the runway.
--There will be NO wam-up break after 6:15
"10-Bar meet" if there are 15 people or less
--unlimited warm-up
--10-bars placed at heights for your choice (0" and 6" one week, 3" and 9" alternate weeks)

One more thing:
We usually go out for pizza afterward--all are welcome

 on: May 22, 2013, 06:58:22 pm 
Started by Chris - Last post by Chris
Saturday, July 6, 2013 - Sunday, July 7, 2013
Eden Prairie High School

2013 "Beginner to Bubka" Pole Vault camp featuring Alan Launder of Austrailia, author of the popular book "From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too!".  Mr. Launder has a very long history of coaching success and has learned from some of the best pole vault coaches in the world including Vitaly Petrov the coach of world record holders Sergey Bubka and Yelena Isinbayeva.

Click here for more infomation on Alan Launder.

Why should you or your coach attend this camp?

Assisting Mr. Launder will be local coaches Chris Milton and Phill Erickson
About Chris Milton:
Chris Milton is in his second year as the pole vault coach at Eden Prairie.  Prior to EP he coached for 9 years at Robbinsdale Armstrong. 
Chris has coached 3 state champions, 15 all state performances and 20 state qualifiers in the pole vault since he began coaching in 2002. Most notably, he coached the 2005 and 2006 girls state AA pole vault champion to an all time state meet record of 12-9, a personal best of 13-3 and the 4th best jump in the nation for a high school athlete in 2006.
Chris graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2001 with a BA in computer science. At St. Thomas, Chris was a three time MIAC conference pole vault champion and placed second three times. Before St. Thomas, Chris attended Minneapolis Washburn HS where he qualified for the state meet twice and was all state his senior year. Chris has a lifetime personal best of 16-0. He is also USATF Level 1 Certified.
About Phill Erickson:
Phill Erickson is in his fourth year as an assistant track & field coach specializing in pole vault at Concordia University.
During his time at Concordia, athletes have qualified for nationals five times, and broken multiple school and stadium records. Under his instruction his athletes have averaged a 16-inch improvement in their personal bests. Along with coaching at Concordia, Erickson coaches the boys and girls pole vault at Irondale High School in New Brighton, Minn. During his nine years at Irondale he has coached 10 all-state athletes, including three runners-up.
Phillgraduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Music Education in 2009. Before transferring to the University of Minnesota, he spent a year competing in the pole vault for the University of Wisconsin River Falls. He is a USATF level 1 certified coach and also holds a USTFCCCA Technical Certification.

Click on the following link for a camp schedule and to register.


I hope to see you there!

 on: April 16, 2013, 07:11:51 pm 
Started by Steve - Last post by Steve
8:00a-9:45a--Coached by Steve and Caroline or Caroline and Shawn
1a. Macy Narr, Minnetonka Confirmed
1b. Anna Davis, Eden Prairie Confirmed
1c. Macy Narr, Minnetonka Confirmed
1d. Macy Narr, Minnetonka Confirmed
2a. Emily Krier, Holy Family Confirmed
2b. Ari Brace, Hopkins Confirmed
2c. Ari Brace, Hopkins Confirmed
2d. Ari Brace, Hopkins Confirmed
3a. Tyler Tappe, Pequot Lakes Confirmed
3b. Tyler Tappe, Pequot Lakes Confirmed
3c. Tyler Tappe, Pequot Lakes Confirmed
3d. Tyler Tappe, Pequot Lakes Confirmed
4a. Topher Hunnewell, Blake Confirmed
4b. Topher Hunnewell, Blake Confirmed
4c. Topher Hunnewell, Blake Confirmed
4d. Topher Hunnewell, Blake Confirmed
5a. Carolyn Nye, Blake Confirmed (Katie Murgic in for Thurs, Katie Steele in for Friday, and Mon/Tues pending doctor decision)
5b. Cullen Steinhauser Totino-Grace Confirmed
5c. Carolyn Nye, Blake Confirmed Thomas Franec
5d. Carolyn Nye, Blake Confirmed  AJ Sells, Mon-Tues
6a. Corinna Brown-Ton, Minnehaha Academy Confirmed
6b. Corinna Brown-Ton, Minnehaha Academy Confirmed
6c. Mackenzie Gearin, Osceola HS Confirmed
6d. Sarah Benke, Minnetonka Confirmed
7a. Tori Gulon, Eden Prairie Confirmed
7b. Tori Gulon, Eden Prairie Confirmed
7c. Jesse Holds, Minnetonka Confirmed---
7d. Reed Melicher, Eveleth-Gilbert, Confirmed
8a. Ari Brace, Hopkins Confirmed
8b. Maria Jensen, Cannon Falls Confirmed
8c. Katherine Roetering, Maple Grove Confirmed
8d. Katherine Roetering, Maple Grove Confirmed

9:45-11:30--Coached by Steve and Caroline or Caroline and Shawn
1a. Keagan Potts, Loyola University Confirmed
1b. Kyle Meyer, Lakeville, pending, bringing check
1c. Keagan Potts, Loyola University Confirmed
1d. Keagan Potts, Loyola University Confirmed
2a. Ellie Dewing, Minnetonka Confirmed
2b. Mia Cannon, Gustavus, Confirmed Kirsten Aller, Minnetonka, bringing check
2c. Mia Cannon, Gustavus, Confirmed Zach Olsom, Waconia
2d. Mia Cannon, Gustavus, Confirmed
3a. Sam Haley, Delano, Confirmed
3b. Bradley Nelson, Blaine Confirmed
3c. Courtney Kosiak, Moundsview, Confirmed
3d. Courtney Kosiak, Moundsview, Confirmed
4a. Ben LaQua, Delano, Confirmed
4b. AJ Sells, Mahtomedi Confirmed
4c. AJ Sells, Mahtomedi Confirmed
4d. Corinna Brown-Ton, Minnehaha Academy Confirmed
5a. Elisabeth Dalki, Minnetonka Confirmed
5b. Elisabeth Dalki, Minnetonka Confirmed
5c. Anna Davis, Eden Prairie Confirmed
5d. Sarah Bartoloni, Minnetonka Confirmed
6a. Sarah Bartoloni, Minnetonka Confirmed
6b. Sarah Bartoloni, Minnetonka Confirmed
6c. Cullen Steinhauser Totino-Grace Confirmed
6d. Cullen Steinhauser Totino-Grace Confirmed
7a. Bailey Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed
7b. Bailey Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed, (Thurs Katie Murgic, Fri Katie Steele)
7c. Bailey Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed
7d. Maia Determan, Kasson-Mantorville Confirmed
8a. Kendall Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed
8b. Kendall Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed (Anna Justinak, Minnetonka Thurs)
8c. Kendall Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed
8d. Autumn Jahnke, Wadena Deer Creek, Confirmed

11:30-1:15--Coached by Steve and Caroline or Caroline and Shawn
1a. Steven Nye, Blake Confirmed
1b. Carolyn Nye, Blake Confirmed Zach Olsem, Waconia Confirmed
1c. Steven Nye, Blake Confirmed
1d. Steven Nye, Blake Confirmed
2a. Jesse Holds, Minnetonka Confirmed---
2b. Paige Notch, Waconia Confirmed
2c. Tori Gulon, Eden Prairie Confirmed
2d. Mike Leppala, North St Paul Confirmed
3a. Jason Schulte, Osseo Confirmed
3b. Jason Schulte, Osseo Confirmed
3c. Jack Himes, Armstrong Confirmed
3d. Jack Himes, Armstrong Confirmed
4a. Jonas Lemke, Prior Lake Confirmed
4b. Jonas Lemke, Prior Lake Confirmed
4c. Brendan Johnson, NDSU Confirmed
4d. Bailey Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed
5a. Alex Nunne, Prior Lake Confirmed
5b. Alex Nunne, Prior Lake Confirmed
5c. Kyle Johnson, Moorhead, Confirmed
5d. Kendall Naatjes, Lakeville Confirmed
6a. Hannah Gross, Onamia, Confirmed
6b. Jesse Holds, Minnetonka Confirmed---
6c. Erik Olson, Rockford Confirmed Lauren Aller, Minnetonka
6d. Erik Olson, Rockford Confirmed
7a. Austen Palmer, Coon Rapids, Confirmed
7b. Austen Palmer, Coon Rapids, Confirmed
7c. Alex Reimers, North St Paul Confirmed
7d. Alex Reimers, North St Paul Confirmed
8a. Anna Hughes, Shakopee, Confirmed
8b. Anna Hughes, Shakopee, Confirmed
8c. Ben Yost, Wayzata, Confirmed
8d. Chris Timm, Eden Prairie Confirmed

1:15-3:00pm--Coached by Brandon and a 17'5 Gopher Athlete
1c. Elisabeth Dalki, Minnetonka Confirmed
1d. Elisabeth Dalki, Minnetonka Confirmed
2c. Jenna Rowles, Armstrong Confirmed
2d. Marianna Kramer
3c. Emily Davis, Eden Prairie confirmed
3d. Allison Weiker, Roseville, confirmed
4c. Kyle Meyer, Lakeville
4d. Kirsten Aller, Minnetonka, confirmed
5c. Emily Huseby, Chanhassen, confirmed
5d. Lauren Aller, Minnetonka, confirmed
6c. Nathan Comer, Armstrong confirmed
6d. Sidney Vargo Confirmed
7c. Josie Pechous, Hastings confirmed
7d. Katie Steele, Minnetonka, confirmed
8c. Gabe Sirelc, St Paul Academy confirmed
8d. Kyle Rickeman, confirmed

Wait List
2. Melody Pechous--
3. Kirsten & Lauren Aller, Minnetonka, anything else that opens except C, willing to do single days
4. Cassidy Baker (Marni email)
5. Darik Hansen (D-session 8 or 945 only)
6. Kyle Meyer, b or d session earlier time slots placed
7. Katie Murgic, UMN C/D 8 or 945
8. Sidney Vargo, A or B any time
9.  Thomas Franec, Any time any week except D placed
10. Steele, Minnetonka, week B, also can fill in single days
11. Hannah Gross, Onamia
12. Emily Krier (115-3 pm time)
13. Anna Jesnak
15. Maggie Harris, UST, C or D 1:15 (pd)

 on: April 16, 2013, 06:56:36 pm 
Started by Steve - Last post by Steve

Flight Deck Athletics Pole Vault DAY Camp
--18th Year--
--Armstrong High School--
(Directions to Armstrong High School)

In an effort to reduce the exposure to the sun and reduce issues with dehydration, we will run our camps with a maximum of Eight athletes for 1 hour, 45 minutes. This works out to be more minutes/athlete than our previous camps that had (10) kids and went (2) hours.  With two coaches present, we achieve an unmatched level of personal attention (4:1 athlete to coach ratio)

Camp Features:
...Poles included, please don't bring any--we have everything
...Brand New Pole Vault Pit
...Outdoor High-bar (strap-bar)
...All athletes will receive a t-shirt
...Eight athletes max per session
...(2) coaches at all times (resulting in 4:1 ratio)
...Steve White, UofM Men's Vault Coach; Caroline White, UofM Women's Vault Coach; Shawn Francis, Apple Valley HS Coach (substitute if needed)

Athlete Daily Responsibilities:
...bring water
...bring a granola bar, or similar snack, to eat at the conclusion of practice
...bring sunscreen
...dress appropriately for heat and cold
...bring running shoes (suitable for jogging)
...bring racing spikes
...arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete a good warm-up and stretch prior to the camp beginning
...follow all coaching instructions

....Group 1 (8:00a-9:45a)
....Group 2  (9:45a-11:30a)
....Group 3  (11:30a-1:15p)
....Group 4  (1:30p-3:00p)

Sessions Available...
...(A) June 13,14,17,18  (HFMT)--rain make up for 6/13 or 6/14 is Saturday 6/15, for the 6/17 or 6/18 is Wednesday 6/19
...(B) June 25-28 (TWHF)--Rain make-up Saturday 6/29
...(C) July 8-11 (MTWH)--Rain make-up Friday 7/12
...(D) July 15-18 (MTWH)--Rain make-up Friday 7/19

...$195 for the first session signed up for ($185 for alums of 2012 Summer camp or 2013 indoor camp, $10 discount)
...$185 for each additional session
Campers are encouraged to sign up for multiple sessions
Campers are encouraged to bring their coach
Campers are encouraged to have teammates sign up (and carpool)

To reserve your spot...
1--Become a USATF Member Link to USATF Membership--UofM rule...you must show your current Membership Card on your first day of camp
2--Print and complete camp Registration Form
3--Print, complete, and sign the General Waiver
4--Print, complete, and sign the Helmet Waiver
5--Write a check made out to Flight Deck
6--US MAIL completed registration, General Waiver, Helmet Waiver, and check to
      Flight Deck
      9529 Teakwood Ln N
      Maple Grove MN  55369

7--Look for your name to appear on the reply below when your spot is reserved
8--Your spot will be reserved when all forms and the check are received
9--Please direct all questions to Caroline White, 763-458-2916

Coaches Bio's
Caroline White, University of Minnesota Women's Pole Vault Coach.  In her time at the UofM she has coached female athletes to the NCAA D-1 national meet ten times, two to the USA Olympic Trials with a jumps over 14', and the 2007 Junior Pan Am Gold Medalist, with a current PR of 14'4.  Caroline began vaulting as a college freshman at the College of St Benedict, where she earned All-American honors twice.  Caroline has a PR jump of 12'2 in 2002 and since has placed her focus on coaching and teaching.  Caroline is finishing her 10th year teaching life science at Maple Grove Junior High.  Caroline is USA Track and Field certified Level 1 and Level 2 jumps.  She has been coaching pole vault for 11 years and has 10 years experience coaching gymnastics.  Caroline has again qualified an athlete for the USA Olympic Trials and will coach Samantha Sonnenberg (12'6 HS PR, 14'3 PR as a Gopher, 14'5 current PR) at this year's trials at Oregon.  

Steve White, University of Minnesota Men's Pole Vault Coach, former coach at St. John's University, Tech High School, Armstrong High School, and University of St Thomas.  Steve began vaulting in 7th grade.  While at St Louis Park high school Steve went to state twice and had a PR jump of 14'.  Steve earned All-American honors twice while at North Central College in Illinois.  An advocate for girls in sports; Steve co-organized the original movement that led to girls getting to pole vault in Minnesota.  Steve coached the first girls' State Champion in the event; the first MN girl to clear 11'.  At the UofM, Steve has coached multiple Big 10 Champions and All-Americans, including Moorhead native Brock Spandl (17'3, 2010 D1-All-American), Ben Peterson (18'0 PR, 2011 D1-NCAA runner-up) and current Gopher athletes; 17'5 senior (15'6 hs), 17'4 junior (15'6 hs), 16'5 sophomore (14'9 hs).  Now finishing his 18th year teaching, Steve is the AP physics teacher at Armstrong High School.  Steve is USATF certified Level 1, level 2 jumps, level 2 endurance, certified coaches-education instructor, and has begun level 3.  With a lifetime PR jump of 17'4, Steve still regularly clears 15' and was the 2012 USA Masters Outdoor Champion.

Shawn Francis, Graduated NDSU with a BA in Education, with honors, and a Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Science with an emphasis in Biomechanics.  He is currently training with Caroline & Steve for the 2016 Olympics (he placed 5th at the 2010 USA championships and 5th at the 2013 USA Indoor Champs) and has a PR of 18'1.  Shawn is USATFCCCA certified and has 8 years coaching experience; most recently at NDSU where he was the volunteer assistant pole vault coach.

Brandon Johnson, Armstrong High School Pole Vault Coach.  Brandon has been coaching at Armstrong for the last five years.  He graduated with a B.S. in Youth Ministry from Northwestern College in 2010.  There he holds both the indoor and outdoor school records, was a five-time conference champion, and NCCAA All-American.  He has a lifetime PR of 15-1 and currently works as a quality assurance analyst at Evolution1 in Edina.  Brandon will be coaching the (C) and (D) sessions from 1:15-3:00.

Big 10 Champion pole vaulter for the University of Minnesota; studying Kinesiology with an emphasis on Sport Sciences. He was 2013 Outdoor Big Ten champion in the vault, with a PR of 5.31 (17'5). In high school he was state runner up in Illinois as a senior. He is entering his senior season as a Gopher. He has 4 years experience coaching pole vault at various camps and clinics, including Jan Johnson's Sky-Jumpers.  NCAA Rules prohibit listing his name.  He will be joining Brandon in coaching the (C) and (D) sessions from 1:15-3:00.

 on: April 11, 2013, 03:42:50 am 
Started by Steve - Last post by Steve

 on: April 03, 2013, 12:26:20 pm 
Started by mllegatt - Last post by mllegatt
Congrats to Robert for breaking Byron's school record with a new PR!!! It's only the beginning of the season and already the extra work is paying off!

 on: March 28, 2013, 08:43:59 am 
Started by Chris - Last post by westpv
Shannon Stever
Position: Pole Vault
Height: 5-4
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: La Crescent, Minn.
High School: La Crescent HS

2011: (Outdoor) Finished second in the pole vault at the Louisiana Classics on a mark of 3.70m (12-01.50)...Took second in the pole vault at the Battle of I-10 on a mark of 3.55m (11-07.75)...Finished third in the pole vault at the FSU Relays on a mark of 3.65m (11-11.75)...Took second in the women's pole vault at the Tiger Track Classic on a mark of 3.70m (12-01.50)...Placed second collegiately and third overall in the women's pole vault (3.82m/12-06.25)...Placed eighth in the women's pole vault on a mark of 3.60m (11-09.75) at the War Eagle Invitational...Won the Coach O Invitational pole vault on a mark of 3.40m (11-01.75)...Won the women's pole vault on a mark of 3.65m (11-11.75) and placed fourth in the 100-meters (13.09s) at the USA Quad Meet...Took fourth in the women's pole vault (3.56m/11-08.00) at the SBC Outdoor Championships...

 on: March 26, 2013, 07:02:57 pm 
Started by Steve - Last post by Steve
Hey Everyone
Just got approval
We are a GO for (3) more Sundays indoors at the U

The details:
1. Sunday March 31, April 7, April 14, 1-3pm
2. Bring your OWN poles (ours are being rented out for the season)
3. Bring your coach if you can
4. Bring your USATF membership card
5  $40 cash or check (each practice)
6. We will provide one Flight Deck coach to oversee the practices (Michelle Legatt), but it won't be as formal as camp instruction depending on the number of athletes attending

So far we have been running 7-10 vaulters--which is PERFECT!!!

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