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Flight Deck High Pines Street Vault
8/5/23 - 8/6/23
USATF Sanction Number #145922
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Buy/Sell/Rent / Re: Rent Poles---here's the details
January 16, 2023, 05:03:20 PM
Concordia University (St Paul)

--days per week - 2-3 days
--support with travel to meets - mileage covered if transporting to meets separate from team
--current vaulters with current PRs - two full-time female vaulters with PR's at 3.56m & 3.20m; eight male vaulters (3 full-time, 5 decathletes) with PR's between 4.50m and 3.40m.
--how many poles you have - we have almost 100 poles between 11'6" and 16"; most lines are smooth jumps and transitions for the level of vaulters that we typically work with, but are always willing to expand the lines where needed or fill in when we break one
--indoor facilities - full indoor training facility and 200m track; CSP Athletics has priority hours between 2:30pm and 7:00pm; practice outside of these hours would need to be cleared through our facilities coordinators
--outdoor facilities - on-campus outdoor track & field facility; available anytime there is not a home athletics contest or external event/rental
--pay - $5000 for pole vault coaching only; could be a larger stipend for a candidate that wants to be more involved with the program (sprints/jumps/throws etc.)

Contact Sam Johnson ( if interested
Meets / 2022 Street Vault Results
September 11, 2022, 10:47:46 PM
Results Post 2022

Flight Deck High Pines Street Vault
8/6/22 - 8/7/22
USATF Sanction Number 21-30-047
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Buy/Sell/Rent / Re: Rent Poles---here's the details
April 02, 2021, 12:42:46 AM
Camps / Indoor Pole Vault 2019-20
October 18, 2019, 10:08:28 PM

Flight Deck Athletics
Pole Vault Camps

--25th Year of camps--
--Bethel Indoor Fieldhouse--
(Directions to the Bethel Indoor Fieldhouse)
--UofM Indoor Fieldhouse--
(Directions to the UofM Indoor Fieldhouse)

Flight Deck Camp Details:
Session 1 = 1 athlete jumping with Steve, Session 2 = 5 athletes coached by Steve
5:1 athlete to coach ratio, or better, ensured
All Poles included

The Flight Deck Difference:
-vaulters do not have to set up or take down the pits each day
-we provide a personal bag of poles for each athlete
-we never over-crowd the camp with too many vaulters on the runway

The Link to Enroll