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The three of us are doing great.  We'll try to figure out how to post some pictures so you can see how huge I am...I'm sure he won't seem so big once he's out, but I am no longer a small person....19 pounds more to love[:I].   He's really active, squirming around all the time.  Just a few more weeks and then everyone can meet him, including us.  Until then I'll be waddling along and Steve will be having one-sided conversations with my belly[:)]


Meets / USATF MN Indoor Meet
March 14, 2007, 10:02:52 PM
Hey Chris,
I love those first 2 pictures of Steve...can you send me the file so I can get them developed?

Meets / USATF MN Indoor Meet
March 08, 2007, 06:17:26 PM
I think Steve is competing and maybe Jamie???  Steve is just signing up at the door.
See you there[:)]
I use it as well[^]
General Pole Vault Discussion / Holiday Party Friday 29th
December 27, 2006, 06:03:12 PM
Hey everyone!

Based on responses we're going with Friday the 29th beginning at 6:30-7:00ish for the get together...our apologies to Michelle (we'll probably still be here after the concert).

We will provide meatballs, chips and salsa, and poker chips.  We have quite a few treats around too.  Please bring something small to share (appetizer type thing) and beverages of your choice.

If anyone has a fun activity/game besides poker feel free to bring that along as well.

See you then!
the trailer is sweet...will be ordering soon...or convincing UMN to order for me[:D] which is always a better idea.

Thanks for all the nice messages everybody!  I hear tough pregnancies bring on easy babies, so we're hoping[;)]  We'll let you know how this all plays out of course.  See you soon.
General Pole Vault Discussion / First Annual Jack's Run 5K
September 16, 2006, 01:07:16 AM
Hey Flight Deck Crew.  Please pass this on, or come and run if you like.  Jack Johnson was our beloved equipment manager from UMN who succumbed to liver cancer last year.  He was a great guy who LOVED track and field.

First Annual Jack's Run
Hosted by the University of MN at Les Bolstad Golf Course
When? - Saturday October 21 at 11:00am
What? - Open 5000m race for teams and individuals (co-ed)
$$$? - No registration fee.  Donations are accepted and proceeds will go to Cancer Research and the Jack Johnson Scholarship
Registration? -

Alicia competed Friday 6/23 after being rained out on Thursday to place 6th at the USA Junior National Championships.

Fantastic job Alicia!

Women Pole Vault
Bar Progression: 3.75/3.85/3.95/4.00/4.05/4.10/4.15
      World: W 4.47m  2/10/2001   Yelena Isinbayeva, RUS
   American: A 4.27m  4/19/2002   Lacy Janson, Florida State
       Meet: M 4.21m  6/17/2001   Amy Linnen, Arizona
   Name                    Year Team                    Finals
 1 Tori Anthony                 unattached               4.00m   13-01.50
    3.75 3.85 3.95 4.00 4.05 4.10
       O   XO    O   XO  PPP  XXX
 2 Britany Parker               unattached               3.95m   12-11.50
    3.75 3.85 3.95 4.00
       O   XO    O  XXX
 3 Lindsay Regan                Vertical Ass             3.85m   12-07.50
    3.75 3.85 3.95
       O    O  XXX
 4 Katie Veith                  Bruin Track Club        J3.85m   12-07.50
    3.75 3.85 3.95
      XO  XXO  XXX
 5 Rachel Laurent               unattached              J3.85m   12-07.50
    3.75 3.85 3.95
     XXO  XXO  XXX
 6 Alicia Rue                   Armstrong                3.75m   12-03.50
    3.75 3.85
       O  XXX
 7 Melissa Gergel               Lv's Cheetahs           J3.75m   12-03.50
    3.75 3.85
      XO  XXX
 7 Jennifer Hensel              Minn-Moorhead           J3.75m   12-03.50
    3.75 3.85
      XO  XXX
 9 Mallory Peck                 Purdue                  J3.75m   12-03.50
    3.75 3.85
     XXO  XXX
-- Victoria Pena                unattached                  NH
-- Jacqueline Perryman          Ultimate Hig                NH
    3.75 3.85 3.95 4.00 4.05 4.10
-- Jenny Soceka                 University o                NH
-- Ashley Early                 unattached                  NH
-- Allison Stokke               Higher Flyers               NH
Nice job[:D]  You all represented yourselves and your school admirably.  Very classy.  Proud to know ya[:p]

Can't wait to see you all at Hamline!
Nice work Alicia[:)]
We're excited to see you in maroon and gold!
General Pole Vault Discussion / Happy B-day to Steve
April 03, 2006, 06:44:29 PM
Steve's birthday is Tuesday this week.  We're getting together at Punch Pizza in Calhoun Village tonight (4/3) at 6:30 if you're free.  Sorry for the short notice.  Nothing fancy...just beer and 'za - Steve's favorite![:D]