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14' Mystic Carbon Poles for sale (145-170 eight total)

Started by Chris, May 31, 2011, 08:47:00 PM

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For sale is a used but in great condition line of eight 14' Mystic Carbon poles.  These were Alicia Rue's personal line of poles she used in high school and were only used for 1-2 seasons.  They have a .8 difference between them(with the exception of the 170) which is approximately a 4lb gap between poles.  This would be a great line for any high school or college or open/masters vaulter.

Length   Weight     Flex     Purchased
14'14522.4 2005
14'15021.6 2005
14'15020.8 2005
14'15520.0 2005
14'16019.2 2005
14'16518.4 2005
14'16518.0 2006
14'17017.0 2006

We would like to sell the entire line as a whole including a black plastic tube but would be open to other offers. These poles retailed for over $550/ea when new.

Price: $2800 ($350/ea)  
Poles are located in Minneapolis, MN. Will ship at buyers expense.

Contact me if you are interested.

Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach