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Brit's Pub Vault

Started by Brandon, July 18, 2014, 08:04:15 PM

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The Twin Cities Track Club is hosting a Pole Vault competition on the rooftop of Minneapolis' own Brit's Pub. On August 30, vaulters from around the country will be invited to show off in front of the Minneapolis skyline. We are accepting vaulters of all heights, but there is a cap on the number of entries. So register fast and secure your spot in the inaugural Brit's Pub Vault. Then following the completion of the open division stick around and watch a one of a kind event where some of Americas best Vaulters will be putting on a show.

Keep checking in on the Facebook page where more information regarding entries, t-shirts, schedules, and much more will be coming soon!

You can find more information on the event's Facebook page:

You can sign up for the event here:
Brandon Johnson