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2005 Summer Camp--FILLED

Started by Steve, March 17, 2005, 07:09:44 PM

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1) further options for jumping--Kyle and Denny are still after a mid-summer camp
2) We will have winter camp available again at St John's staring in January--keep an eye on FDA for the info posted in December.

Armstrong High School, Plymouth, 10th year.

Poles included, please don't bring any as we have nearly all of them

(2) coaches at all times
----------Steve White, 21 years vaulting experience.  Currently coaching St John's University and College of St Benedict men's and women's pole vault
----------Caroline White, 8 years vaulting experience.  Currently coaching University of Minnesota women's pole vault

...Group 1 (8am-10am)--FILLED
...Group 2 (10am-12pm)--1/2 spot left
...Group 3 (1pm-3pm)--1/2 spot left


(8) practices per session
...Session 1 (6/13-6/17) (MTWHF)
................ (6/20-6/22) (MTW)
...Session 2 (6/27-7/1) (MTWHF)
................ (7/5-7/7) (TWH)

$240 per session, 8-practices over two weeks
$360 for both sessions, 16-practices over four weeks
--Priority given to athletes who sign up for both sessions--

To reserve your spot...
1--Print and complete Camp Registration Form (
2--Mail camp registration and a check to
Armstrong Pole Vault, Steve White
5701 Rhode Island Ave N
Crystal, MN 55428

Your first name will appear on the reply below when your spot is reserved.

Call if questions
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932



8am to 10am----FILLED----
1. Alicia Rue, Armstrong, (Both Sessions)
2. Derek Oslund, Armstrong, (Both Sessions)
3. Monica Stearns, Flight Deck, (Both Sessions)
4. Ben Michel, Wayzata, (Both Sessions)
5. Pepsi Margoles, St Louis Park, (Both Sessions)
6. Heather Holz, Edina, (Both Sessions)
7. Carrie Van Dusen, Apple Valley, (Both Sessions)
8. Kristen Dare, Apple Valley, (Both Sessions)
9. Mike Michurski, Benilde,  (Both Sessions)
10. Danielle LaFrance, Apple Valley, (Both Sessions)

10am to 12pm----FILLED----
1. Tat'Yana Kenigsberg, Wayzata, (Both Sessions)
2. Zack Gowdy, Burnsville, (Both Sessions)
3. Brandon Johnson, Armstrong, (Both Sessions)
4. Spencer Olson, Edina, (Both Sessions)
5. Ellie Biglow, Benilde, (Both Sessions)
6. Shawn Klapperich, Moundsview, (Both Sessions)
7. Jessica Wagner, Burnsville, (Both Sessions)
8. Matt Fleigle, Moundsview,  (Both Sessions)
9a. Annika Johnson, St Francis, (Session 1 Only--Confirmed)
9b. Brasil Perez-Lukes, Edina, (Session 2 Only--Confirmed)
10a. Randal Westergard, , (Session 1 Only--Confirmed)
10b.(not accepting enrollment)

1pm to 3pm----FILLED----
1. Ross Werner, Armstrong, (Both Sessions)
2. Michael Zastrow, Concordia, (Both Sessions)
3. Elizabeth Buyse, Anoka, (Both Sessions)
4. Ted McAlpine, Monticello, (Both Sessions)
5. Amie Fillmore, White Bear Lake, (Both Sessions)
6. Serina Aubrecht, Minnetonka, (Both Sessions)
7. Jace Nelsen, Moundsview, (Both Sessions)
8a. Lauren Sanda, Eden Prairie, (Session 1 Only--Confirmed)
8b. James Bence, Armstrong,  (Session 2 Only--Confirmed)
9a. Kristie Kranzler, Eden Prairie, (Session 1 Only--Confirmed)
9b. Jenny Schnaible, Burnsville, (Session 2 Only--Confirmed)
10a. Alex Vosberg, Park Center, (Session 1 Only--Confirmed)
10b.(not accepting enrollment)
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932