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Hello Slugs, I'm Back!!!

Started by Kurt Riska, December 06, 2005, 04:16:01 AM

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Kurt Riska

Well...not all.  I'm still in MA and coaching at Smith College.  Obviously, I miss everyone, and am reaching out to everyone and anyone...hello?  

Now that my intro is out of the way, if that's what that was, how's everything going?  Has everyone gotten their perfect vault from the vaultferry?  It would be sweet to tell you she's graced my doorstep, however, the bad-knee ferry stopped here; and the @#$%* hasn't left yet.  Miraculously, at the baystate games in july, I managed to jump two second place with a stellar 15 or 15-6 jump(I don't freaking remember).  All I do remember is that I hadn't picked up a pole since april before that.  Not too bad for an old guy (just not as old as Steve-look on the bright side, we're both one year closer to Masters).  

That's enough for my gloating.  It's nice to hear that Michelle is still alive.  Take care everyone...




Nice to hear from you.  I have not reached prime form yet and I am a little behind because I took quite a bit of time off over the spring and summer for my wedding.  I've had some glipses of hope but I am still trying to get things dialed in as I get back in shape.
Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach


Riska! It's great to hear from you. As I'm sure you've heard, I graduated and am taking over for Steve at Saint John's and Saint Ben's. I hit 15' again this summer at the Dakota County fair "street vault" and have been flirting with it again recently at practice. I'm hoping that coaching will bring with it more regular training and higher heights.

Patrick Hegel
Norfolk State University Pole Vault
Norfolk, VA

Kurt Riska

hey pat,

congrats on the gig.  if you were in as sparse of a track and field area as this (or maybe the middle of montana), it would definitely appreciate the place even more.  congrats as well on the height.  isn't it fun being in the top three in every meet?

talk at you later