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Meets 1/21

Started by Chris, January 16, 2006, 04:36:17 AM

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Steve, Caroline, Monica and I got special permission to jump at the U of M this Saturday.  

Paul is planning on jumping at River Falls.  You can register on Raceberry Jam.  

Jason, Let me know if you need to come get your poles.
Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach


The U meet
Caroline is there for obvious reasons
Monica, being their top alum, is always invited
Chris and I are stuck together based on poles
===Caroline got us in special (thank you coach Lundeen) so she can jump and get coached once more before Reno.

St Cloud State has a meet--Seth Mischke is the head coach.  He is an awesome person, great coach, and a former gopher vaulter.  He has always said yes to open vaulters.  I think Pat and Derek Oslund are attending that meet as their tune-up for Reno.

UW River Falls has a meet.  You can register for that on raceberry.  Paul and Jamie are attending.  Doc Scott is working, so he will not be there.

USATF all-comer @ St John's.  Again details and registry on raceberry    

St Olaf has a men's triangular meet.  Ask Coach Thornton to get in.  Officially there is not an invite to open athletes, but he has been very accommodating in the past

Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


I'd love to go jump at RF this weekend but have no means of transportation of poles. I guess I really need to get that rack so I can do so in the future. What is the best route to go with this?

Is there any chance I could get your help with transporting some sticks? The other option would be jumping on your lines and I don't think I want to be responsible for the possiblity of breaking one of those.


Check out thule too. They are sold on Ebay as well.

When I was buying racks, thule was cheaper and the only major difference was the shape of the bars; Thule's are rectangular and Yakima's are circular. But that was more than 5 years ago, so things may have changed.

Happy Shoppping.



Jason, you can use your mirror on your passenger side door, with bungee cords and towels to protect your paint.  If you can't get poles we can figure something out between Jamie and I.



Jason, you have a Chrysler Sebring 2dr right?  It looks like neither Yakima or Thule make a rack system for your car.  Craziness!  Time for a new car!

You can always do the towel around the bag and into the hood and trunk method.  I even did it on the *gasp* Audi once.  Let me know if you want to get the poles.
Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach


Jason, I forgot to add that UST is at St. Cloud so if you are nice to Kyle maybe he would let you use the poles.
Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach

Kurt Riska

they do make 2-door extenders for roof racks.  if they can do it for my solara, they can do it for a sebring.  otherwise take a piece of wood 6"x3"x1/2"thick, drill two holes in it take a 4' piece of rope, knot it on one end...loop it in through one hole and out of the other hole.  now, knot the rope on the other end.  make two of these.  

loop it around the poles until tight (you can figure this out), and slam the wooden end inside the hood of your car and one inside the trunk of your car.  lay a soft piece of cloth on the areas of the car the ropes and the poles will touch.  i've been doing this for about 15yrs without problems (everything from an '83 civic to a '90 pontiac transport).

you know you love me.............