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Coach Needed--Mounds View PV

Started by mhayden, June 13, 2006, 01:43:12 AM

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Mounds View High School needs a Boys vault coach next year. I was the coach this year, but am moving to New York. Here are the reasons why you want to take this job:

1) Great program. MV is a perennial True Team contender (won AAA '06 by a bunch), won SEC in '06, and won the MSHSL T & F Championships by 20+ pts. I know we just coach the vault, but it is a lot of fun to be in big meets (where the guys get used to the pressure) and each height means more than just a possible PR.

2) Great head coach. Fleming leaves you alone. He only asks that there be zero no-heights at True Team Sections and State. You get the guys you want, when you want them, and he lets you coach them.

3) Jordan M., Returning 13-6 vaulter. Fast, strong, and one of the most coachable kids I have ever had. He was cruising over 14-feet before a shoulder strain took him out of contention at the section meet (where he still grunted out a 12-4 with one arm.) When he missed his third attempt at 12-10, he walked up to me and said "Doesn't that just fry your noodle." Here was the #3 seed at sections, serious bet to make standard, and he handled it with more class than many coaches I have seen (let alone athletes that throw their poles and helmets). His leadership will be invaluable next year as a model for the younger guys.

4) Jace (Sr.) & Matt (Jr.) 12-6 and 11-6 respectively. They round out a top three that should all be 13'+ next year. Jace was knocking on 13-feet until stress fractures. Matt was clearing 12 before a groin-pull.  

5) 24 poles that meet your needs. That is not a lot of poles, but the poles that these three (and the other reutrning vaulters) are going to need next year are in the shed. There is even a 15' 165 waiting for Jordan. Fleming is good about helping you get the poles you need when you need them.

6) The kids. This group of vaulters works hard and take instruction exceedingly well. Even the uncoordinated, weak and slow freshman were hard workers this year. Hopefully, they will be more coordinated, stronger and faster as sophomores, but you can bet they have the basics down.

7) Some of my toys. I left a sliding planting box and an inversion-box behind. We have a wrestling room with a pull-and-turn-pulley system, rings, and nice long ropes to swing on.

To inquire about this position, contact Ross Fleming at:

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get in with a great track program. I loved it there and wouldn't leave if I wasn't leaving the state.

Matt Hayden
Was my arm straight?


Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach


Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932