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Other Camp Info?

Started by Dan, April 28, 2007, 04:32:55 PM

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Hey- Looking for some more options for summer camps coming up- (besides flightdeck- we'll have a couple of kids there) I know Jan Johnson had one at Stevens Point, WI the last couple of years- Is Nike doing a camp at the U of M this summer?- If anyone hears of some more camps- please post. Thanks.
Dan Michalski

Moundsview H.S. Boys Vault Co-Coach


As I understand it, the 'Nike' part of the nike camp at the U is done
There will be a camp at the U though; run by the Women's head coach Matt Bingle.  If there is vault at it, Caroline will be the coach.

I do not know of other camps.
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
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