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Vaulters were Class Acts at Hamline Elite Meet

Started by Dan, April 28, 2008, 06:04:24 AM

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I just want to comment on what I witnessed last friday at the Hamline Elite meet. It was a real pleasure to see the kids from Minnesota come together and help each other out at the meet. Eric Ramsdahl from St.James (class A) was stuck in traffic and showed up at the meet after it started and had to jump in at 13' with his tennis shoes on and at the later heights when he was one of the only kids left competing and seeing the kids from the bigger (class AA) schools catching Erics pole and his step and offering support as he was vaulting at 14' and higher was a real testiment at what pole vaulting is supposed to be. Everyone coming together and helping each other out. I just want to say that it made me very proud to say that I am involved with this talented and class act bunch of kids from Minnesota. Big time. Thank-you. You guys rock.

Dan Michalski

Moundsview H.S. Boys Vault Co-Coach


People are normally only caught doing things badly
I love seeing people caught doing things well
--Thanks Dan for catching and commenting on these displays of great character and class

Call it 'Karma'
Call it 'what goes around, comes around'
Call it 'living by the Golden Rule'
--People who treat others perfectly, are treated excellently by their environment and the people in it.
--The opposite is also true; negative behaviors are reciprocated

-be prompt--to the meet and for each jump
-be courteous--to everyone, including all officials and bar-placers (thank them at the end of the meet)
-never throw a pole or swear--either of these makes you look stupid, embarrassed, and immature
-always help others--winning only has meaning if you beat people at their best.
-If you have to choose between safety and winning, always choose safety--in the long run, safety goes higher.

Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


Erik is a class act. He has had a very good up bringing. That starts with his parents. Hats off to the trio!
Matt Kolb
Minnesota State U.
Pole Vault Coach