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New pole markings

Started by Bamboo, May 07, 2010, 04:01:04 AM

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Chris of Steve, do you know of a new pole marking rule that just came out. I got a e-mail from my AD today stating the pole markings will revert back to the 2004 rulings. So now I'm confused as to if the way we were marking the older pacer/ucs is now ok again, and don't have to go back to the manufacturer for a band if the etchings are ledgable.


I have not heard anything about this.
I would contact the AD for a paper-copy of the information--and bring it to meets in the likely case that an official doesn't know of the change.

I looked for this change on MSHSL, the NFHS, and PVP pages and did not see anything either.

Has anyone else heard anything?
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