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7-9-03 Meet Results

Started by Steve, July 16, 2003, 03:23:40 AM

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Hello Vaulters
Here are the meet results from last week

1st Brandon Johnson, AATC, 12'3, 94.44% Prize winner
2nd Monica Stearns, FDA, 11'9, 91.82% Prize Winner
3rd Dan Frette, FDA, 12'9, 91.10%
4th Steve White (Left), FDA, 9'9, 88.96%
5th Liz Robertson, FDA, 9'9, 88.69%
6th Pat Hagel, FDA, 13'3, 88.21%
7th Caroline White, FDA, 10'9, 88.17%
8th Kurt Riska (8 step), FDA, 13'3, 85.41%
9th Steve White (8 Step), FDA, 13'3, 85.41%
10th Bob Cahow, Stout, 12'9, 84.93%
--Lou Casselius, Stout, nh        
--Pat Doty, Stout, nh
--Andrew Smith, Stout, nh    
--Carrie Hinners, AATC, nh
--Bobby, AATC, nh
--Owen Kingstadt, FDA, nh
--Chris Milton, FDA, nh

Thanks to all who showed up

We will try to have these meets continue through August
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932