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==2011 Wednesday Night Vault Meets at Armstrong--Done for 2011==

Started by Steve, May 15, 2011, 05:25:19 AM

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We're done for 2011

Wednesday Night Flights at Armstrong

What:Full Service Pole Vault Competitions
Where:Armstrong High School
When: Wednesdays June 15th through July 27th
--The pit opens at 4pm, for warm-ups
--The pit closes at 8pm, mosquito's are too thick after that
--All meets are pending the weather--A final call on bad weather will be made no later than 3pm meet day

What do you have to do?:
1) Check the weather and decide if it looks good enough to jump
2) Check this Post to make sure the meet has not been canceled--please don't call, the meet is a GO unless we post it here that it is cancelled
3) bring $12 or $15 entry fee
--$12 if you bring (1) $10 and (2) 1's
--$15 if you bring anything other than (1) $10 and (2) 1's
--I am serious about this price structure as making change for people who bring $20s is unnecessary and completely avoidable
4) bring your own water, food, sunscreen, bug-spray, etc.
5) bring your own poles if you want

What is provided: is a full service meet
1) You may use our full line of poles
--you agree to purchase any poles you damage
2) We will have 3 paid workers running the meet, placing crossbars, and adjusting standards
3) Any crossbar breakage is also covered by the entry fee
4) We run one of two formats for meets
"Mulligan-Meet" if there are 16 or more people
--initial bars start at 4:45
--Throughout the meet, we will have 10-minute warm-up intervals so late arrivals can warm-up as well (we have too many people for unlimited warm-ups)
--5-Alive will be in effect, although multiple heights will be active at any one time
--each vaulter gets a single 4th attempt (Mulligan)
"10-Bar meet" if there are 15 people or less
--unlimited warm-up
--10-bars placed at heights for your choice (0" and 6" one week, 3" and 9" alternate weeks)

"Mulligan-Meet 2.0"
So many people are showing up to jump, we are forced to adjust the start time and some procedures to conclude the meet by 8pm and maintain meet-quality.
--the pit will open at 3:30pm for warm-ups
--initial bars start at 4:15pm for those that wish to begin--others will wait the hour for the 5:15 WU break
--5-Alive will be in effect, although multiple heights will be active at any one time
--each vaulter gets a single 4th attempt (Mulligan)
--We will have a warm-up break at 5:15pm.  Late arrivals and those who waited after the 4:15 meet beginning will have 2-min per athlete.  For example: if (5) people arrive/start late, the warm-up period will be 10min long.
--We will have a second warm-up break at 6:15pm (2min/athlete) for the very Late arrivals and those who have not yet touched the runway.
It is our hope that we can continue to offer the full-service quality meets and conclude by 8pm
If this does not work, we will make further edits

One more thing:
We usually go out for pizza afterward--all are welcome
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932