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Started by Steve, May 02, 2003, 07:43:47 PM

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<font size="3">In an effort to simplify--
All poles we have for sale and in stock are posted on our rental page
</font id="size3">
(<font color="blue">Link to Rental Page</font id="blue">)

--you will see the phrase "<font color="maroon">also available for immediate purchase</font id="maroon">" for all poles that are currently for sale
--all other poles listed there are not for sale

We offer two Prices for poles
--$30 off the Gill-catalog price
--Buy 4 at the catalog price, get the 5th Free!

(4) Crossbar--Pacer International Pole Vault Crossbars
(4) Crossbar--Scholastic Pole Vault Crossbars
(7) Crossbar Repair Kit, for International crossbar
(8) Crossbar Repair Kit, for Scholastic crossbar

--FREE SHIPPING because You come get them (Minneapolis)
--Pay cash/check or mail POs to our address below

We can get you any Gill item you wish (shot puts, hurdles, pits, etc)
Email <font color="blue">Brandon</font id="blue"> for Information

Rental Season can Begin Sunday March 14th 2010, or any day after
Rental Season Ends no later than Sunday June 13th 2010--All poles are due back to Flight Deck on or before Sunday June 13th 2010.
<font color="purple">--all poles returned after Sunday June 13th will be considered re-rented at the daily rate of $7 per pole, per day.</font id="purple">

<font color="navy">WEEKLY / DAILY RENTAL RATES
A number of years ago, coaches asked me to come up with a weekly rental.  Their argument was that a full-season price was tough to pay when a pole was only needed for sections and maybe state.  I agreed and developed the weekly rental option.  Since then there has been increased pressure to turn this into a daily rate.  In an effort to meet coaching requests and still stay in business,  we will attempt a new pricing system, copying the taxi-cab pricing method--a minimum, then a rate.

-"One week" is defined as renting poles for 1-7 days, and costs $49 per pole
-as an example, a pole checked out on Sunday May 18th, is due back no later than Sunday May 25th for it to be considered a "one week" rental.  
-Beginning Day #8 and continuing each day after, a daily rate of $7 per pole, per day will be added to the $49, until the pole is returned.  
-Because the rentals are first-come-first serve, day #1 must begin when the coach wants me to save it for them and mark it <font color="red">rented</font id="red"> online.

Pricing Example:
Rent for 1-7 days, $49
Rent for 8 days, $56
Rent for 9 days, $63
Rent for 10 days, $70
Rent for 11 days, $77
Rent for 12 days, $84
Rent for 13 days, $91
Rent for 14 days, $98
etc. etc. etc.
</font id="navy">

I am running renting and sales this season
Please contact me at 763-458-2932 or by email

I have developed a new pole calculator to assist coaches and athletes in proper pole selection
Please take a moment to download it, open it, and insert pole weight and pole length that is currently being used

If you need to call me, please have the pole calculator open when we talk.

Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932