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Technique / Vault game
February 21, 2010, 07:50:26 AM
Yall are officially the BIGGEST nerds ever but I love it and I miss you all!!!

[:)] Elizabeth
AH!!!  Alicia I am SO proud of you!  That is so amazing and its so cool to see all your hard work paying off.[:)]  
~Elizabeth Buyse
Congratulations Alicia!  Thats so awesome!!  Hopefully we'll have a meet together next year!
Congratulations I'm so happy for you guys!!  I can't wait to see him this summer[:)]
Thanks Jamie!
and I wish yall could have seen her jump at 14' it was beautiful[:)]
Congrats Katelin!!!
Congratulations Ladies!!
That is so exciting[:D]  Good luck with the rest of your season!!
Ah! I am soo happy for you guys!! That is soo exciting!  I'm am praying for you Caroline that all goes well with the surgery and the rest of the pregnancy.  Serina, Amie and I call firsties on babysitting!!![:)]
Love Elizabeth
Congratulations Steve on the U!  Good luck with school, and regarding the "skinny and strong" thing...I'm sure you will be happy to here that i can now do 3 sets of 14 wipers ALL by myself[:D]  Thanks for all your awesome coaching!