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nice job ripping it up!

Rue Wins Big Ten Pole Vault in Record Fashion
Minnesota junior Alicia Rue won the Golden Gophers
General Track & Field Discussion / class
June 02, 2008, 02:21:57 AM
while powerwashing the outside of my villa (bleaching the mold off the north side of my duplex), i had time to reflect on the time spent at d3 nationals in oshkosh.  there were many things i thought about...why they didn't use their other set of pits which would have provided more a tail wind, and therefore may have produced some better jumping was the first thing that popped to mind.  

the other thing that got me thinking was a jumper we were jumping with in the women's vault.  she was a good athlete, seemed to be coached well on technique, and had a very nice coach.  one thing seemed to be missing from the equation...class.  as most of the athletes were having difficulty with step and finishing jumps, she was having these difficulties as well.  instead of rationalizing and using the information that her coach gave, she would yell at her coach (or give a lot of attitude).  needless to say, she was getting a lot of attention from the other coaches...and not the good kind.

the ugliest part of this jumper's display happened when during competition.  while executing a very good jump, her coach yelled "yes" while she was over the bar.  for some reason, she took that as a reason to not finish her jump.  upon knocking the bar off, she started yelling at him (to be fair, not in a real loud tone) and told him it was his fault she knocked off the bar.  

the reason i'm relaying this memory is to remind jumpers and coaches that this attitude is not good for the sport or for the person executing these actions.  people who know me from college remember when i used to have a temper.  as i look back, i am ashamed.  

there is no reason why coaches should let their athletes act in this way.  this jumper's coach had some solid information, and was pretty good at cooling her down.  having said this, there is no reason her attitude should have gotten to that point.  

the rest of the field did a very good job at handling themselves during the conditions.  there were of course some letdowns, but these other jumpers were not poor sports.  matter of fact, the number one ranked athlete from northcentral was very composed after coming in having jumped over 13' and finishing with a jump under 12'.  she was obviously disappointed, but was there to cheer on her teammates.  that is class[8D]

i'm sorry for this being poorly written, i sell paint.

smith pole vault coach
General Pole Vault Discussion / d111
March 12, 2008, 02:26:16 AM
congrats to all.  i'm excited to see some familiar faces again.  from what i understand, ada is a track crazy town (i'm thinking there's not much to do in ada[:D]).  

i'll see you there hal, jane, sam, bill, i mean, janet.


General Pole Vault Discussion / yee haa st johns
May 27, 2007, 03:02:15 AM
congrats St John's men with there 4th place at nationals[:)]  and a good job to winona matt in the polevault (from St Thomas)[8D]


General Pole Vault Discussion / Happy Easter
April 08, 2007, 04:53:30 PM
happy easter from the northeast[:o)]  a monkey in hand is worth two in the bush.


hey kids,  

this is monkey from Massachusetts...if anyone feels like hunting for lobster or going to a redsox game, just say when!  I MISS YOU KIDS!




is that

Team Flight Deck / Hello Slugs, I'm Back!!!
December 06, 2005, 04:16:01 AM
Well...not all.  I'm still in MA and coaching at Smith College.  Obviously, I miss everyone, and am reaching out to everyone and anyone...hello?  

Now that my intro is out of the way, if that's what that was, how's everything going?  Has everyone gotten their perfect vault from the vaultferry?  It would be sweet to tell you she's graced my doorstep, however, the bad-knee ferry stopped here; and the @#$%* hasn't left yet.  Miraculously, at the baystate games in july, I managed to jump two second place with a stellar 15 or 15-6 jump(I don't freaking remember).  All I do remember is that I hadn't picked up a pole since april before that.  Not too bad for an old guy (just not as old as Steve-look on the bright side, we're both one year closer to Masters).  

That's enough for my gloating.  It's nice to hear that Michelle is still alive.  Take care everyone...

General Pole Vault Discussion / questions
November 02, 2004, 01:06:21 AM
i would like as many people as possible to answer the following questions (yes, that means you would have to post an answer, and this would actually be

  1.  What do you specifically like about vaulting?  

  2.  Have you ever had a scary vault moment?

  3.  Do you have a pre-meet day ritual?

  4.  How does my rear look in these pants?


General Pole Vault Discussion / All hail Paul
November 02, 2004, 12:56:28 AM
Congrats to Paul Gans.  For those of you who don't go to the St Johns website, our little vaulting buddy Paul got a write-up in the College Sporting News.  

I would email him myself, however, i don't know his email...


General Pole Vault Discussion / Hey Everybody, Again
October 17, 2004, 04:50:17 PM
This is just a quick message from the east.  I hope everything's going well for everybody in MN.  The more I travel around, the more Colleges keep popping up.  It's like every little suburb of Springfield has its own college.

It looks like Karen and I will be coming home for Thanksgiving.  I know we talked about a Saturday Night practice; could we maybe move that to a Sunday afternoon or evening practice (our friend Matt Schemmel's wedding reception is Saturday)?  Anyway, we'll see you guys later.


ps.  I like the knew website.  Can we still use our Flightdeck web
General Track & Field Discussion / I miss you guys
June 30, 2004, 02:32:32 AM
ok.  as of now, you all must realize that i miss you freaky people.  i wouldn't be replying to year old posts if i wasn't calling for help.  huh bye...

ps.  if i do enough of these, i'll catch up to steve in posts.  then i will take over the world
General Pole Vault Discussion / Hey Everybody
June 30, 2004, 02:15:03 AM
Hello to all from Springfield, MA.  Hopefully everyone's having a good summer so far.  Are there meets at Armstrong this year, or are you guys going to go back to the "other meets?"  

The land is beautiful.  The whole place looks like Duluth.  There are mountains and rivers everywhere.  In other words, this is a great place to play (outside of field and track).  

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to jump.  My 70 hour work weeks have put jumping on hold for a little while. The severe shortage of tracks has put a damper on things as well.  I'm not saying there's a shortage of "good" tracks; I'm saying there is a shortage of tracks!!!  For some reason, track is not as big out in Mass as it is in Minn. Umass doesn't even have an outdoor or indoor track right now.  That's kind of funny and wrong all at the same time.  

Two good things are going on out here:

1.  I have been doing half-assed workouts (what do you expect after
   70 hrs of work?).

2.  Karen and I have found some cool places to climb outside...yippie!

We hope all is well in the great white north.  Take it easy everyone!


Monkey [:D]
Meets / Saturday evening practices
August 20, 2003, 10:10:27 PM
Starting Saturday evening at 6:00pm, I will be holding practices for Flightdeck at St John's University.  If you have any questions, call me on my cell phone at 612-237-9987.  Practice starts this Saturday, August 23rd.  You can try emailing me at, however, my computer is currently at a day spa for computers (evidently, when a blue screen shows up and states,"Hard Drive is Dumping Information," it means the computer wishes not to execute any further applications until it feels healthy).  
For those of you who do not show up, you must have your reasons (even though they may be suck) and we still love you.  

Meets / Sunday Practice
August 01, 2003, 05:04:40 AM
Sunday, Pat and I are having practice at St. Johns at 6:00 pm if you would like to participate, please contact me at or at

See you there.  

i think we should run all races measured in inches.  what does everyoneelse think?[xx(]