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General Pole Vault Discussion / Adhesive Tape
April 23, 2010, 08:02:48 PM
What is the official interpretation of the tape rule? In the NFHS rules it says "adhesive tape".  What constitutes adhesive tape?  At a recent meet one of the teams was using double faced tape, sticky in both sides.  Is that legal?  What is legal?  Where is it defined in the rules?
What is the 8th Grade record?  Does one exist officially?

Randy Juelle, an 8th grader from Redwood Valley went 12' last night at sub-sections.
i am sorry. He is holding at the top of the pole.  I was taking in account the 9" drop in the box.  He is holdind at approximately 12'9".
thank you for the advice.
His plant is prety good.  He weighs 138 and is on a 13' 150.  He is alright going as high as his hand hold at the top but should be able to  go at least a foot and a half higher than his and hold shouldn't he?  We  have been working pop-ups more recently but it has not carried over to his full vaults.  I am trying to steer him to Steve and Caroline's vault camp for at least a week this summer to see if you can help him make a good jump from this year to next.  He went 10'6" (off his wrong foot!!!) last year and was hoping to get him to 12'6" this year but it has been a strugle to get over 12.  He has had great attempts at 12 in competition and has cleared 12'6" in practice.  I need to get him in the pool to work on the top of his vault but am running into interference with his mother.  (Says it makes him sick)
I have a freshman that has gone 11'6" in almost every meet this year.  He hashad excellent attempts at 12'.  He is not getting any throw off the top though.  We have been working to get rid of his double leg swing.  any suggestions?  Could this be the cause of no throw?