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Messages - Kyle Cleven

Man, I am learning to dislike the NCAA more and more as I get older...
We ought to get rid of the NCAA and replace their rules with 4 simple ones

1. Consider the ATHLETES first
2. Be nice
3. Be honest
4. Play fairly

Pat..  thanks for the invite..  your idea for a "mock" meet follows all the rules above just fine :-).  Sorry dumb rules are getting in our way.  I would have recipricated with a mock meet of our own. It seems the NCAA steps on good intentions all the time.

Have you spoken with Peter, coach of Macalester recently ?  He actually had "dumb rule" issues regarding coaching both Mac and St.Kates at the same time.  He actually has to keep them completely seperate practice times in order to follow the "rules".

Thanks again anyway.
Did someone say Pie ?   [:I]

Ohhh  and I am in for "Egypt"...  always wanted to see the pyramids [:)]

Happy B-Day Care !

Chris this is awsome !  Thanks
Lets get more people on here soon !  [8D]