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Armstrong Pole Vault Meet Format

Started by Steve, July 08, 2005, 04:53:51 PM

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--Many people are planning on attending.  Bar heights should cover 6' opening through 16'.  Single mulligan still allowed.  WE WILL START THE MEET AT 5:15, so be ready

Wednesday evenings
The pit opens at 4:00pm--many come early to warm-up--but the poles wont be out, nor the cover off the pit until 4:00pm
The Competition will begin at 5:15pm
Depending on the number of participants, we will run a traditional meet, or a 6-bar meet--Traditional meet is preferred if there is enough people.  6-Jump meet preferred of small numbers
In the event of a 6-jump meet, the pit closes at 8pm--whether all vaults are done or not--the mosquitos are too thick after 8pm
We pay workers to run the meet--two or three workers place all crossbars, place standards, run the clip-board.
Individuals start their own meet when they are ready--we can run every bar over an 8' spread at the same time--some may be competing while others are still warming-up while still others are done.
Each vaulter pays $10 cash that day--we need the cash that day to pay the workers that day--like a movie before you get in.
Modified Format--We will run your competition as a real meet with the following exceptions.  Each vaulter gets a single Mulligan.  Each vaulter gets a minimum of (6) competition bars.    
All poles are included--you can see the list of poles at the following link-- dont need to bring any poles.  
--if you damage a pole--you will be expected to buy it at wholesale cost.
--If a crossbar gets broken--I pay for that.

We typically go for pizza after and all are welcome
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932