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Lil' Steffen's Moving

Started by Sara Steffen, December 31, 2006, 11:40:55 PM

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Sara Steffen

Hey I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I just wanted to post a little note letting my fellow jumpers know that I am moving out to Vermillion, South Dakota. I am moving in with my boyfriend that coaches swimming at University of South Dakota.
I start my first real world job the 16th of January in Yankton working with Adolescents in psychiatric care.
I am hoping to do some jumping with the university out there (anybody have connections?) I will also be hanging out around the swim/dive team.
I am hoping to eventually go to grad school but, we'll see.
I'll be around jumping where I can and hopefully making some money to buy all the poles i want. :)
Anyone heading out to any meets out there...need a place to stay. ;)



Congratulations on the move.  I coached a current vaulter at South Dakota when she was in HS at Armstrong.  She might be able to give you an idea where you could vault.
Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach