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Registration Form

Started by Steve, May 11, 2004, 06:42:31 PM

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To reserve your spot...
1--Print and complete camp this registration sheet
2--Write a check made out to Flight Deck
3--US Mail the registration form and check to
Flight Deck Athletics
9529 Teakwood Ln N
Maple Grove MN  55369

4--Look for your name to appear on the reply below when your spot is reserved.
5--Please direct all questions to Caroline White, 763-458-2916
6--Cancellations rarely happen.  If you cancel, and we fill the spot, you will be fully refunded.  If we do not fill that spot, all but $50 will be refunded (this has never happened).  






Year in School

Name of your vault coach

Best vault in a meet

Any medical information we should know about (allergies, asthma, autism, etc)

Insurance Information (Provider, Policy Number, group number, copay)

Emergency contact information (name, camp-time phone #, etc)

Parent Signature (if under 18)

Athlete Evening Phone number

Athlete Phone Number we can TEXT--used in an emergency

Athlete Email--used as primary source for news and camp info

USATF Membership Number

Other Sports and Activities the athlete has participated in:

T-Shirt Size    S     M    L   XL     XXL

Circle and Indicate 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice

...(A) June 13,14,17,18 (HFMT)  (8:00am-9:45am)--Full
...(A) June 13,14,17,18 (HFMT)  (9:45am-11:30am)--Full
...(A) June 13,14,17,18 (HFMT)  (11:30am-1:15pm)--Full

...(B) June 25-28 (TWHF)  (8:00am-9:45am)--Full
...(B) June 25-28 (TWHF)  (9:45am-11:30am)--Full
...(B) June 25-28 (TWHF)  (11:30am-1:15pm)--Full

...(C) July 8-11 (MTWH)  (8:00am-9:45am)--Full
...(C) July 8-11 (MTWH)  (9:45am-11:30am)--Full
...(C) July 8-11 (MTWH)  (11:30am-1:15pm)--Full
...(C) July 8-11 (MTWH)  (1:15pm-3:00pm)--New session added

...(D) July 15-18 (MTWH)  (8:00am-9:45am)--Full
...(D) July 15-18 (MTWH)  (9:45am-11:30am)--Full
...(D) July 15-18 (MTWH)  (11:30am-1:15pm)--Full
...(D) July 15-18 (MTWH)  (1:15pm-3:00pm)--New session added

Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932