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===2010 Pole Vault Camp @ Armstrong HS=====FULL===

Started by Steve, May 01, 2009, 04:47:39 AM

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<font size="3"><center><font color="red">Remaining sessions are full
Three options to vault remain:
</center></font id="size3">
1-Enroll in the <font color="blue">Tuesday Evening Camp</font id="blue">, or the <font color="blue">Rochester Camp</font id="blue">
2-Come to <font color="blue">Wednesday Night Flights</font id="blue">--Full-Service-Vault-Only meets
3-If you want to be added to the waiting list, please send in your registration and check  and we will post your name below (we will mail back the check if you don't get to jump)

<hr noshade size="1"><hr noshade size="1">

<center><font size="6">Flight Deck Athletics Pole Vault DAY Camp</font id="size6">
<font size="4"><font color="navy">--15th Year--
--Armstrong High School</font id="navy"></font id="size4">

<font color="blue">Directions to Armstrong High School</font id="blue">
<hr noshade size="1">In an effort to reduce the exposure to the sun and reduce issues with dehydration, we will run our camps with a <font color="red">maximum of (8) athletes and for 1 hour, 45 minutes</font id="red">. This works out to be more minutes/athlete than our previous camps that had (10) kids and went (2) hours.  With two coaches present, we achieve an unmatched level of personal attention (<font color="red">4:1 athlete to coach ratio</font id="red">)<hr noshade size="1">
Camp Features:
...Poles included, please don't bring any--we have everything
...All athletes will receive a t-shirt
...All athletes will receive a notebook
...(8) athletes max per session
...(2) coaches at all times (resulting in 4:1 ratio)
...Steve White, UofM Men's Vault Coach; Caroline White, UofM Women's Vault Coach; Brock Spandl, Current UofM Vaulter

Athlete Daily Responsibilities:
...bring water
...bring a granola bar, or similar snack, to eat at the conclusion of practice
...bring sunscreen
...dress appropriately for heat and cold
...bring running shoes (suitable for jogging)
...bring racing spikes
...arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete a good warm-up and stretch prior to the camp beginning
...follow all coaching instructions

<hr noshade size="1">Times...
....Group 1 (8:00a-9:45a)
....Group 2 (9:45a-11:30a)
....Group 3 (11:30a-1:15p)

...Session A...(6/15-6/18) TWHF...($160)
...Session B...(6/21-6/24) MTWH...($160)  
...Session C...(6/28-7/1) MTWH...($160)
...Session D...(7/6-7/9) TWHF...($160)
...ALL sessions...(6/15-7/9)...($600)

<hr noshade size="1">
To reserve your spot...

1--Print and complete camp <font color="blue">Registration Form</font id="blue">
2--Write a check made out to <font color="red">Armstrong pole Vaulting</font id="red">
3--Mail completed registration and check to...
Steve White, Armstrong Pole Vaulting
9529 Teakwood Ln N
Maple Grove, MN  55369

4--Look for your first name to appear on the reply below when your spot is reserved.
5--<font color="red">Please direct all questions to</font id="red"> <font color="blue">Caroline White</font id="blue">>, 763-458-2916</font id="red">

<hr noshade size="1">Coaches Bio's
<font color="blue">Caroline White</font id="blue">, University of Minnesota Women's Pole Vault Coach.  In her time at the UofM she has coached female athletes to the NCAA D-1 national meet nine times, one to the USA Olympic Trials, with a jump of 14'1, and the 2007 Junior Pan Am Gold Medalist, with a current PR of 14'4.  Caroline began vaulting as a college freshman at the College of St Benedict, where she earned All-American honors twice.  Caroline has a PR jump of 12'2 in 2002 and since has placed her focus on coaching and teaching.  Caroline is finishing her 7th year teaching life science at Maple Grove Junior High.  Caroline is USA Track and Field certified Level 1 and Level 2 jumps.  She has been coaching pole vault for 9 years and has 10 years experience coaching gymnastics.  

<font color="blue">Brock Spandl</font id="blue">, University of Minnesota Pole Vaulter and heptathlete entering his senior year.  Brock cleared 15'3 while at Moorhead high school. With a current PR of 17
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


1a. Josh Pearce, Trinity School, Confirmed
1b. Makena Wiescamp, Jordan, Confirmed
1c. Jacob Prouty, Redwood Valley, Confirmed
1d. Kaycee Luke, Las Vegas, Confirmed
2a. Ryan Webster, Tartan, Confirmed
2b. Megan Erlandson, Carleton, Confirmed
2c. Megan Erlandson, Carleton, Confirmed
2d. Megan Erlandson, Carleton, Confirmed
3a Abby Rommel, Eden Prairie, Confirmed
3b. Abby Rommel, Eden Prairie, Confirmed
3c.  Matt Lueck, Blaine, Confirmed
3d. Molly Wollner, Mound Westonka, Confirmed
4a. Grant Krieger, Blake School, Confirmed
4b. Grant Krieger, Blake School, Confirmed
4c. Grant Krieger, Blake School, Confirmed
4d. Grant Krieger, Blake School, Confirmed
5a. . Jordan Whitney, Armstrong, Confirmed
5b. Joe Fujan, Fairmont, Confirmed
5c. Hannah Osterheim, Blaine, Confirmed
5d. Cyrus Beckwith, St. Scholastica, Confirmed
6b. Carly Sellberg, Park Center, Confirmed
6c. Topher Hunnewell, Blake, Confirmed
6d. Topher Hunnewell, Blake, Confirmed
7b. Cole Tretbar, Park Rapids, Confirmed
7c. Derek Swobada, Mountain Lake, Confirmed
7d. Taylor Knight, Moorhead State,  Confirmed
8b. Brandon Dorn, Wayzata, Confirmed
8c. Brandon Dorn, Wayzata, Confirmed
8d. Sarah Knight, Walker, Confirmed

1a. Andy Edmunds, St Thomas, Confirmed
1b. Elise Byron, Minnetonka, Confirmed
1c. Riley Niebuhr, USC Wells, Confirmed
1d. Brenden Johnson, Moorhead, Confirmed
2a. Christopher Weltzien, Arcadia, Confirmed
2b. Gabe Decker, Lanesboro, Confirmed
2d. Landin Golojo, Waconia, Confirmed
3a. Jack Storlie, Jordan, Confirmed
3b. Matt Lueck, Blaine, Confirmed
3c. Kendra Smith, Armstrong, Confirmed
3d. Kendra Smith, Armstrong, Confirmed
4a. Darik Hansen, Litchfield,  Confirmed
4b. Sarah Karp, St. Stephen School, Confirmed
4c. Tyler Tappe, Pequot Lakes, Confirmed
4d. Darik Hansen, Litchfield,  Confirmed
5a. Nicole Naatjes, Lakeville North, Confirmed
5b. Maddie Lee, Hill Murray, Confirmed
5c. Maddie Lee, Hill Murray, Confirmed
5d. Brian Burke, Moundsview, Confirmed
6a. Logan Adamek, Jordan, Confirmed
6b.  Cyrus Beckwith, St. Scholastica, Confirmed
6c. Taylor Skaja, Andover, Confirmed
6d. Jagger Gran, Moundsview, Confirmed
7a. Alex Jurgenson, Confirmed
7b. Rachel Thelen, St. Scholastica, Confirmed
7c. Grace Polverari, Andover, Confirmed
7d. Kayla Docken, Owatonna, Confirmed
8a. Cole Lubinski, Confirmed
8b.  Alex Vitalis Confirmed
8c.  Matthew Swalm, Minneapolis South, Confirmed
8d. Adam Kubat, Owatonna, Confirmed

1a. Ellie Larson, Concordia Academy, Confirmed
1b. Taylor Kirby, Normal Community West HS, IL Confirmed
1c. Michael Loes, Ramsey, Confirmed
1d. Michael Loes, Ramsey, Confirmed
2a. Zach Scheppa, Mound Westonka, Confirmed
2b. Meaghan Howell, Northfield, Confirmed
2c. Courtney Kosiak, Moundsview, Confirmed
2d. Courtney Kosiak, Moundsview, Confirmed
3b. Sarah Bell, Bloomington Catholic, IL Confirmed
3c. Thomas Rausch, Ortonville, Confirmed
3d. Katie Murgic, Rosemount, Confirmed
4b. Kohl DeGroot, Northfield, Confirmed
4c. Nicole Naatjes, Lakeville North, Confirmed
4d. Kelly Rowe, Rosemount, Confirmed
5b. Sveta Mason, Cannon Falls, Confirmed
5c. Ethan Barquest, Coon Rapids, Confirmed
5d. Ethan Barquest, Coon Rapids, Confirmed
6b. Katie Stolz, Eden Prairie, Confirmed
6c. Birch Malotky, Minnetonka, Confirmed
6d. Callie Mack, Mound-Westonka, Confirmed
7b.  Grace Bateman, Park Rapids, Confirmed
7c. Anne Benke, Minnetonka, Confirmed
7d. Brenna Mack, Mound-Westonka, Confirmed
8b.  Forrest Drury, Park Rapids, Confirmed
8c. Abby Rommel, Eden Prairie, Confirmed
8d. Ariel Hayward, Rochester Century, Confirmed
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


To any vaulters within a drivable distance of the twin cities metro,

I would strongly encourage you all to attend this camp. Having worked with Steve, Caroline, Brock for 4 years, I am 100% certain that they have the vaulting skills, coaching skills, and attitude to help any vaulter reach their potential. Having these three coaches as well as Flight Deck's vast pole inventory (they literally have everything), the camp conditions are ideal for PRs. PRs are a lot of fun.... [:p]

Joe Plencner
University of Minnesota Pole Vault 2006-2010
Joe Plencner
University of Minnesota Track and Field
Pole Vault


Chris Milton
Eden Prairie HS PV Coach


Wait list...

Zach Clausen
Julia Clifford week D
Abby Rommel week D
Caroline White
U of MN Women's Pole Vault Coach

Directions to FDA, White's home

Flight Deck Athletics, Inc.
5701 Rhode Island Ave N
Crystal MN  55428