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No Jump

Started by Thelen05, March 21, 2012, 03:23:13 PM

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Hi, We have a vaulter at St. Scholastica who has a good run with a lot of speed but when she plants as she brings the pole up and re-grips her top hand and then doesn't jump at the plant but basically plows through it. She is a hurdler so she has been taught not to jump at all. Then when she gets up in the air she usually goes crooked to left side.

Do you know what is going on? Or what drills we could give her to get her to jump etc.?

Thank you for your time!


If you email me a video (maybe you-tube it) I would be happy to look it over and give you my ideas
my email is

Going left is typically caused by one or all of these three-things
-top hand is not straight over the belly button at TO
-athlete's step is 'out' (for right-handed vaulters)
-athlete follows the bend to the left as the pole turns...plants too long without swinging

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