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Started by Steve, February 19, 2014, 03:04:42 AM

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Hello Everyone,

I have a new webpage to help improve my service with poles and with camps
i also have changed the mechanics of taking and returning poles as my house
However, this forum will remain as the primary mechanism for community-wide communication

New features with Pole Rentals and Sales
--The inventory will now be fully online and fully automated
--you can 'build a shopping cart' and pay for it with a credit card, or email that shopping cart to your AD/bookkeeper so the school can pay (and you get the poles you actually want)
--you can rent poles, buy poles, exchange poles, or buy them out, all online---I will be auto-emailed what to do and when to do it!
--the rental prices will remain the same format as last year (short-term rental, season-long rental, extended-rentals are all available)
--there is no "reservation" of poles, rather it is checked out when it is paid for
--your credit card will be charged 21 days after check out or when it is returned (if it's returned prior to 21 days)
--invoices are no longer in use, receipts can be printed
--if you want to buy non-listed Gill items, email me the order, I will build your shopping cart so you can pay for it
--if you are buying 5 or more poles, there is a 20% discount, but I have to apply that to your shopping cart manually

New features with Camps
--all registration, payments, and wait lists will be online
--email confirmation will be sent to confirm that the spots you want are yours
--if you need to cancel, an auto-email will go out to alumni (who want to be notified) to see if anyone wants the spot
--all of the forms, will be stored electronically--no need to re-complete the same forms each camp

New features with Pole Pick-up and Return
--poles will no longer be picked-up or returned in drain-tiles outside the garage
--instead, the third-stall of the garage can be opened 12"
--poles will be placed on the garage floor and within reach when the garage is open 12"
--please close the garage when you leave
--return poles the same way
--the barcodes on the pole will be utilized for check-out, check-in, and reflex--so it is critical that you remove any grip tape you applied

That's it for now--more later
I have a lot of work to do to enter in all the poles (ugh)
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932