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After nine years of life changing memories, talented/intelligent athletics, smiles, tears, inside jokes, National Championships, dirty diapers, funny stories, MIAC Conference meets, lost toy cars in long jump pits, lessons learned, and the excellence of the Ole spirit I am announcing my resignation as the St. Olaf Women’s Pole Vaulting coach. 
   I am grateful to my family especially my husband for supporting my decision every season to continue or not continue my passion for track and coaching.  I am thankful that we could make my coaching a family affair.  I am grateful to my pole vaulters for loving my sons and being the best athletes and people I could have ever asked for.  To my pole vaulter friends especially those associated with Flight Deck Athletics your consultation and support are irreplaceable.  To the current St. Olaf Women’s coach Andrea Gelle thank you for being flexible and supportive.  To the former St. Olaf head coach Chris Daymont you taught me the importance of having women coaches model to younger women how to balance our passions, love of family, "to do's" of family, and work life.  I would not have been able to coach without your determination to honor the special learning opportunities that occur when head coaches make it possible for women to coach after having children. 

What’s next for St. Olaf Pole Vault?  I am honored and excited to hand the baton to Amie Chamberlain (Fillmore) a former All-American Ole pole vaulter.  The Oles are in good hands.  (Watch out Tommies!)

What is next for me?
-Continue with my husband to raise our boys and grow our family.
-Continue to run my private counseling practice in Edina, MN where I work with all ages on issues from grief/loss, anxiety, depression and the “what the heck am I doing with my life moments.”
-Continue to offer pole vaulting and/or hurdling clinics.
-Continue to offer services to teams and/or individual athletes who need support on the mental/emotional aspect of competition and/or life.
-and I would consider any offers for coaching positions for this or future seasons. 

Thank you and I can always be reached at 612-598-1414.

Janet Anderson
Team Flight Deck / update from Janet
August 18, 2006, 07:00:15 PM
Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to update everyone on how I have been doing.  I've taking some time off as you can tell.  If you don't know I got married last November and since last summer was having shoulder pain.  I finally went in to have it checked out.  I just had surgery last week were they removed 3 out of 4 loose bodies floating around in my shoulder joint.  Everything went well and now I'm starting PT and I get to run again which is totally making me happy.  Brett and I got a puppy and he loves to chew everything, and I started my own private pracitce for therapy with adolescents/children and their families in Edina right off of France and 62 it's called Janet Anderson Counseling.  I have had a few clients, but hoping for more keep me in mind if you know anyone going through a hard time (612-598-1414).  I am going to focus on getting back into shape and of course loosing some of the weight I've put on and getting my shoulders and body ready for vaulting again.  I'm mainly going to be running distance as my shoulder permits around Lake Nokomis area after work and then in the fall I'll start working out at St. Thomas after work when my shoulder will let me sprint.  Give me a call I'd love company.  612-702-3706
Hope all is well and I love all the pictures on the websit.