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Macalester Vault position--FILLED

Started by Steve, October 31, 2009, 04:19:59 PM

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Details the head coach gave me.

Brand new indoor fieldhouse
Outdoor has 4-direction vaulting
UCS Pits and standards
Poles - The head coach has committed to getting what is needed
I believe the poles are mostly spirit, with some skypoles at the shorter lengths
I also believe the 15' line is complete

Two days a week, usually Monday and Thursday, and of course meets.
Practice time for indoor has not been determined, but somewhere 5 and 8PM
Men PR's- 14'6", 12', and 11'6
Women PR's - currently there are no women vaulters
Recruiting (phone calls etc) is not a required part of the position.

$1K for the season.

Contact head coach Martin Peper for further details
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932


Martin has told me that the job has been filled
Congratulations to Alex Tapplin, Mac's new vault coach
--have a great season Alex; see you at the competitions
Steve White
Flight Deck Athletics, owner
(763) 458-2932